We offer comprehensive solutions in the field of design and production of aluminum profiles and accessories, architectural aluminum systems, as well as systems for industrial use


Aluminum Extrusion
The production process starts with cutting a blank from the appropriate grade of rolled steel based on the size table. It is then sent to the forging and thermal department where it is heated and forged to the specified size according to the provided working drawings
Quality control
Our technical control service rigorously monitors product quality throughout the production process. Rest assured, all our products are backed by international quality certificates
Equipped with state-of-the-art European machinery, Technohome is a leading factory specializing in anodizing aluminum profiles. Our advanced technology ensures high output capacity and consistent product quality
Powder painting
Technohome possesses the production and technological capabilities to apply powder coating in all colors from the RAL palette on aluminum architectural profiles
Research and Development Center
Technohome offers end-to-end research services, encompassing market analysis, design, testing, technology development, and mass production introduction for new products
Technohome follows a well-defined sequence in its facade glazing design process. We prioritize reliability, quality, and strive for impeccable results in every project
Manufacture of accessories
We provide a wide range of components for aluminum architectural systems and offer comprehensive services for supplying enterprises with system aluminum profiles
Assembly of aluminum structures
Our production process involves several stages, facilitated by specialized equipment. Key machinery includes aluminum profile cutting machines, angle-pressing machines, milling machines, and copying machines
Production of dies and profiles to order
Our production process involves manufacturing aluminum profiles based on your provided drawings. This allows us to create profiles that closely resemble the final product configuration. We employ hot extrusion and spinners for the production of aluminum profiles
Development of aluminum profiles
We excel in developing aluminum profiles for various applications such as ventilated facades, translucent structures, office partitions, machine tool construction, and much more
Technohome is a patented brand specializing in the production of aluminum architectural systems using extrusion presses with capacities of 1800, 2200, and 2800 tons
In this section, we will provide you with information on how to initiate collaboration with us and the terms of cooperation we offer
The estimated timeline for customs clearance and material delivery to the customer is typically around 60 days
You can order 【aluminum structures】 at the best price from our company ✔️Own production ✔️Quality control ✔️International experience
Within the global concern, Technohome has access to a wide range of press sizes and advanced technology for creating aluminum alloys
We offer comprehensive solutions in the field of design and production of aluminum profiles and accessories

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