Automatic overlap systems

Sliding vaulted roof skylights Pavilion Q 48 Buono are designed for large-span roofs. The control can be either manual or automatic, ensuring safety and ease of operation. With the Pavilion system, your enclosed interior spaces are no longer limited by the roof, you can open them at any time, and nothing more remains between you and the blue sky. Sliding vaulted roof skylights are made for specific objects and user requests based on basic models.
The Pavilion system can withstand wind and snow loads of up to 220 kg / m2 (50 psf / 2.354 Pa), ensuring safety and security at all times of the year.

Max width: 26 m
Max length: 60 m
Glazing: polycarbonate or glass
Construction: aluminum
Control: manual or automatic

Automatic ceiling system PAVILION