With our worldwide influence and local footprints in the creation of aluminum profiles, accessories, and building systems, we are jointly forging a luminous future. Our systems, boasting of a vast international distribution, are available in over 40 countries globally

Technohome, a patented brand, produces aluminum architectural systems on extrusion presses of 1,800, 2,200, and 2,800 tons. These operations are housed within a 32,000 m2 indoor facility, situated in a larger 60,000 m2 complex
Our annual production capacity is 22,000 tons, enabling us to manufacture a variety of profiles with diagonal widths ranging from 1 cm to 32 cm
Our anodizing section boasts an annual production volume of 11,000 tons of profiles. The local installations, measuring up to 8 meters, are designed to anodize profiles as long as 7.60 meters


Beyond the standard 12-micron coating, we also offer customized anodic coatings, allowing for a range from 5 to 30 microns based on the client's requirements
Equipped with a 36-meter furnace and a dual-chamber system, our electrostatic painting lines annually paint 7,000 tons of aluminum profiles up to 7.80 m long in 180 RAL colors
Our advanced production line is equipped to execute a variety of processes including cutting, perforation, bending, shearing, and barcoding. Here, we perform intricate profile processing and packaging, tailored to each customer's unique specifications
Our state-of-the-art anodizing facility has the capacity to simultaneously anodize profiles in a variety of finishes and colors. These include glossy, satin, and matte finishes, in a range of hues from silver and yellow to bronze and black
Technohome exports 40% of its products globally and serves around 300 distributors and corporate clients domestically
Our production is composed of 55% architectural products, encompassing door, window, and facade profiles. Additionally, we have observed a growing demand for pergola sun protection systems and frameless glazing systems
With TSE, GOST, CE, CTP, ISO, and QUALONAT certifications, we deliver top-quality profiles and profile systems. Trust our extensive production experience, high-performance products, and diverse range to meet your needs
Our production process utilizes water cooling and employs a range of hardness from f18 to f31 alloys including 6063, 6060, 6061, 6005, and 6082. Our products adhere to the stringent DIN 120, 12021, and 12022 standards
We produce all types of aluminum profile systems at our plant, leveraging cutting-edge CNC machines and equipment. Our annual output is 1,400 pieces. Each formwork system, devised in our research department, is manufactured with precision and rigorously tested before initiating profile production
Technohome is a patented brand specializing in the production of aluminum architectural systems using extrusion presses with capacities of 1800, 2200, and 2800 tons
In this section, we will provide you with information on how to initiate collaboration with us and the terms of cooperation we offer
The estimated timeline for customs clearance and material delivery to the customer is typically around 60 days
You can order 【aluminum structures】 at the best price from our company ✔️Own production ✔️Quality control ✔️International experience
Within the global concern, Technohome has access to a wide range of press sizes and advanced technology for creating aluminum alloys
We offer comprehensive solutions in the field of design and production of aluminum profiles and accessories

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