We produce an aluminum profile according to your drawings, this makes it possible to obtain a configuration profile close to the final product. We produce aluminum profiles by hot extrusion and spinners for their production.

We can produce an aluminum profile according to the customer's drawings, this makes it possible to obtain a configuration profile close to the final product. Optimal, proven from the best side, will be the technology of production of aluminum profiles by hot extrusion (pushing the material through a given hole in the matrix tool – die), and we are also engaged in the manufacture of dies (dies) for the production of aluminum profile.

Profile according to an individual drawing.
If you are interested in a profile that is not in our catalog, you just need to send us a sample of what you would like to buy. And we will create a drawing ourselves, adjust the profile design according to your needs, and after approval by you, we will order a die.

Terms and prices.
The production time of the die for the production of aluminum profile is from 4 weeks.
The cost of the die depends on many factors and is determined individually for each profile.

You pay for the matrix only once. When the matrix is out of size, we will replace it at our own expense.

Protection of copyright profiles.
In the case of drawing development and payment of the die by the customer, the production of aluminum profile will be one-time, intended only for the owner of the drawing. At the request of the customer, such profiles do not get into the trade catalog, and other buyers simply do not see them.

We have achieved great success in the field of copyright protection profiles. This confirms that more than 40% of all dies in production are copyrighted. These spinners belong to our clients who have been cooperating with us for a long time.

For the manufacture of pressing tools, high-quality BOHLER steel (Austria) is used, which has proven itself well all over the world, allowing our products to provide the best strength and wear resistance indicators.

Choosing the company Aluminante you will get:
1. The lowest prices for the manufacture of pressing tools (die)- from 360 euros!
2. High-quality press tool (dies) with a production of over 10000 kg.
3. Professional approach and consultations of our specialists with more than 20 years of experience in the field of aluminum profile extrusion.
4. The shortest production time of the press tool is 3-4 weeks. The production time of the profile is 8 weeks without coating, 9 with coating.

Just contact us!
Send your drawings (sketches, photos, sample models) by e-mail: aluminante@aluminante.com

Production of pressing tools (dies) according to a drawing, sample or sketch.
To calculate the cost, send us a drawing of the future aluminum profile. If you do not have a drawing, then this is not a problem. We will develop it ourselves, based on the information received from you or a sample. In the process of drawing development, our specialists will advise you how to optimize the profile design and possibly reduce the cost of the matrix.
The cost of the matrix depends on the complexity category of the aluminum profile, as well as on some characteristics (closed or open profile, the number of profile exits from the matrix, and so on).

An individual approach to the production of aluminum profile gives you more freedom and gives you the opportunity to create bold projects and ideas. Makes the creation of your final designs using aluminum drawing profile more cost-effective, competitive.

The company Aluminante is engaged in the manufacture of various aluminum profiles according to customer drawings. During this period, several thousand names were mastered for various industries, which allowed us to accumulate extensive experience in designing and developing profiles and profile systems of any complexity, regardless of their scope of application.

All profiles are made of high-quality alloys EN AW-6060 and EN AW-6063 (analog AD31) only using primary raw materials that meet the requirements of GOST 4784-97 and international standards DIN 1725.

According to the drawing provided by the customer, a profile sample, or a sketch, our specialists model a drawing of the aluminum profile section you need. It is being finalized in accordance with further operating conditions and your wishes.
Production of aluminum profile according to drawings of any complexity.

Custom profiles are supplied in accordance with GOST 22233-2001, GOST 8617-81 and you can be sure that the product will fully meet expectations. At your request, the delivery of profiles in the measured length of the whip, with additional machining, with special conditions for the heat treatment of profiles, with special conditions for the packaging of aluminum profiles can be negotiated.

Profiles according to the customer's drawing are supplied:
– with polymer-powder coating, according to the RAL catalog
– with anodic oxide coating in the colors "Silver", "Gold", "Champagne", "Cognac", "Black".

Profiles with an anode-oxide coating can be with additional mechanical treatment with a shot and without additional mechanical treatment with a shot. In the technological process of manufacturing an aluminum profile with an anodic oxide coating, with additional machining, a fine steel shot with a diameter of 0.1 — 0.2 mm made of stainless steel is used.

The use of this technology allows you to get the following advantages in comparison with other processing methods:
– after pressing, under the influence of a shot fed under pressure, small risks up to 5 microns deep are removed from the surface of the profile. This ensures a uniform surface;
– after processing with a shot, the surface acquires a matte shade, becomes velvety.

Parameters of the aluminum profile for the order
Depending on the operating conditions, the anodized profiles for individual order can have different thickness of the oxide layer, according to the requirements of the European standard DIN 17611-2007:
- 5 microns (microns) – protective anodizing;
– 10 microns (microns) – for indoor dry rooms;
– 15 microns – for closed rooms with a humid unstable environment;
– 20 microns – for wet indoor and outdoor use;
– 25 microns – for rooms with a particularly aggressive environment.

Place an order for the production of a profile according to the Customer's drawings
To consider and evaluate the possibility of producing a profile, calculating the cost and preparing a commercial offer, you need to provide drawings of the future profile indicating all sizes, front surfaces (for painted and/or anodized profile), the length of the whip and the current need.
A high–quality die is the key to success.

Production of dies and profiles to order