Technohome takes pride in its advanced production facilities, which include a spacious workshop equipped with state-of-the-art machinery for cutting, angle-pressing, milling, copying, and cutting aluminum profiles. With our efficient and precise production process, we are able to meet the diverse needs of our customers and deliver high-quality end products in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our skilled team utilizes the latest technology to ensure accuracy and excellence at every stage of the fabrication process, resulting in superior outcomes for our clients
Technohome specializes in the production of extruded aluminum profiles for windows and doors. Our production process involves multiple stages and utilizes specialized equipment such as cutting machines, angle-pressing machines, milling machines, copying machines, and cutting presses. We continuously upgrade and enhance our machinery to incorporate the latest technologies and meet market demands. We offer a wide range of machines that can cater to both aluminum and PVC products, enabling efficient and versatile production of various types of window and door structures. With our commitment to innovation and advanced equipment, we ensure the highest quality standards in our manufacturing processes.

Technohome's main advantages include:
  1. Reliable pneumatic drive system for secure joint crimping.
  2. Customizable shape options for non-standard requirements.
  3. High work efficiency in manufacturing processes.
  4. Premium aluminum profile without impurities.

Our aluminum doors and windows are expertly assembled in a semi-automatic mode. For profile cutting, we utilize advanced CNC centers that ensure high cutting accuracy and increased cutting speed. These machines feature two cutting heads that can rotate independently or together, allowing for precise cuts on workpieces up to 3400 mm in length.

Key Features:
  • Easy operation, excellent performance, convenient maintenance, and long service life.
  • Two cutting heads can work independently or together, with the ability to rotate at angles from 15° to 90°.
  • Equipped with special steel saws that can handle clamping without issues.
  • High-precision main shaft ensures stable and reliable cutting of aluminum profiles.

Angle Press:
An angle press is specialized equipment used in the production of high-quality aluminum windows and doors. It is designed to connect aluminum profiles at a precise 90-degree angle using pneumatic or hydraulic knives. This machine ensures a secure and tight coupling of the profiles without causing deformation. With its synchronized knife feed structure, the angle press allows for easy adjustment to accommodate different systems of aluminum profiles.

Features of the Angle Press Machine for Aluminum Profiles:
  • Utilizes special crimping technology for synchronous compression of the profiles.
  • Equipped with pneumatic clamps for secure positioning of the profiles.
  • Features a high-quality clamping system with a movable pneumatic stop.
  • Allows for adjustment of the crimping knives to achieve precise and accurate connections.
  • Ensures excellent quality and user-friendly operation.

Milling machines:
play a crucial role in processing aluminum profiles, offering larger milling teeth and spacious chip grooves compared to tools for steel. The cutting speed is a key factor for achieving optimal results.
These machines are responsible for cutting the aluminum profile to the desired size and processing the ends of the hypost, which separate the window or door. The operation is simple: a specific milling cutter is installed to create the desired profile.

  • The diameter of the cutting tool directly impacts the quality of the treated surface.
  • Hydraulic damping cylinders ensure a smooth and stable feed of the cutting tool.
  • Multiple sets of cutting tools can work simultaneously or separately, depending on the profile requirements.

The copying and milling machines are essential for creating precise holes and profiles in aluminum windows and doors. They consist of a vertical milling head, copy board, and pneumatic clamping mechanisms. The specialist guides the milling cutter along the copy matrix for accurate results.

  • Continuous milling of the routing copy
  • Vertical and horizontal processing
  • Pneumatic motor for desired cutter speed

Bending machines are used for shaping aluminum profiles, allowing the creation of arched products and facade structures. Once the bending process is complete, the locks are adjusted, and the finished product is carefully packaged with plastic wrap and thick paper. It is then marked, equipped with additional materials and fasteners, and transported to the designated site.

Assembly of aluminum structures