Aluminum windows and doors.
An excellent alternative to wooden and metal-plastic doors and windows is the aluminum profile products of the Aluminante company. This modern solution has found a wide range of domestic applications due to the fact that the technology is quite new and relatively expensive, but at the same time, aluminum structures are appreciated by architects who use non-standard design solutions in their projects or glaze large areas. But today aluminum structures find their application far beyond the "high architecture" - in the glazing of apartments, balconies, the installation of interior doors, etc.

What are the advantages of our aluminum structures?
There are several main advantages:
• Ease of construction, which makes it possible to glaze large areas and install without additional reinforcement;
• Durability, resistance to weathering, high profitability;
• Absolute safety;
• Possibility of choosing warm and cold glazing;
• Duration of operation;
• Ease of maintenance - do not require additional painting, processing, etc .;
• Plasticity of the material, allowing to embody any design solutions;
• Possibility of manufacturing sliding structures.

Aluminum windows
Recall that there are two types of aluminum profiles - warm and cold. Based on this, we can already talk about their application.
Warm windows
  • Installed in residential premises, allowing you to keep warm and provide high sound insulation.
  • Warm windows differ from cold ones in a wider profile, due to the installation of a layer of heat-insulating material between the inner and outer layers of aluminum. A sealed glass unit with at least 2 glasses is mounted in the profile, providing thermal insulation and eliminating the formation of condensation on the glass surface. A high-quality sealant allows you to achieve a snug fit of the sashes to the frame, keeping the room warm.
Cold windows
It is much lighter and cheaper than warm structures, but they do not have the ability to heat insulation, therefore they are used for glazing cold, unheated rooms (for example, verandas in private houses), as well as indoors.
Windows can be hinged and sliding. Sliding structures can significantly save usable floor space.

Aluminum doors
Aluminum doors are a real find for comfortable and unusual solutions. Aesthetic appearance, compatibility with other materials, strength and long service life - all this makes aluminum doors favorites among their fellows. They can be applied both outdoors and indoors.
By the type of opening, aluminum doors are divided into:
• Sliding - ease of use and space saving. By the way, sliding doors can be automated.
• Swing doors - by the type of opening they do not differ from other doors we are used to, while such doors are much lighter and much more durable.
• Pendulum - an interesting solution that allows you to move the doors to the side.
• Radial doors - a vivid demonstration of the advantages of ductile aluminum over other materials. Such doors have a semicircular shape.
• Revolving - sash revolving around the axis, separating the incoming and outgoing air flows, thereby ensuring the maintenance of the temperature regime in frequently opened rooms.
Let us recall that, just like windows, doors can be made of warm and cold aluminum profiles, so the range of application of such doors is practically unlimited.


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