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TechnoHome revolutionizes the luxury home fitness market with Technogym’s Personal Collection, bringing innovative design, breakthrough performance and cutting edge technology and connectivity into the home. This amazing lifestyle collection was designed in Italy by Antonio Citterio, renowned furniture and industrial designer.

Personal Collection

UNITY™, the new cardio console, takes personal experiences and user-friendly technology to the next level.


UNITY™ is the most advanced, open Android-based user platform in the market. It features swipe-screen touch technology, Virtual Training, simple log-in access to personalized content and enhanced entertainment experiences through Internet, TV, games and more.


TechnoHome, in Partnership with Technogym, Launches Luxury Home Gyms

New York, NY – July 28, 2014 Founded by Kenny Dichter and Larry Gulko, TechnoHome is proud to announce its launch of Technogym’s Personal Collection to the affluent home wellness market. The Personal Collection brings outstanding design, performance and cutting edge technology to define the luxury home fitness market.

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In Partnership with Technogym


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